5 Summer Hacks

Hi everyone, welcome back, I’m Catherine and today I’m going to share with you 5 beach life hacks. I have tested all of these and approve of them 100%. Even though its not beach weather quite yet, I hope this will help you get in the summer spirt.

When ever you try to leave the beach do you struggle trying to brush all the sand off your feet before you get in the car? You can use baby powder to make it easier for you to brush the sand off and to keep them smelling nice.


Do you have plastic water bottles lying around? Fill the bottles half way and tilt them on there side in the fridge and leave them until frozen then fill it up with more water, after the ice melts it will leave you more ice cold water.


Have you ever been walking on the beach and your Flip Flop broke? An easy way to fix it is to take a bread clip and hook it around the stub.


Looking for a super cute lip stain? You can use some Vaseline and a teaspoon of Kool-Aid mix, you’ll get a really nice color with a sweet but sour taste.


Wanna get a temporary sun tattoo?  Head to your local craft store and pick up some white Elmer’s Glue and draw a cute design.


I hope you guys enjoyed todays post, as a start to kick off summer, come back next week for more. comment your favorite summer hack and your favorite thing to do.



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