About Me

Hi everyone welcome, back I’m Catherine and today I’m going to share a little about myself. Today I was scrolling through my feed and realized that this should have been my first post, looks like we’ll be doing some thing backwards. I’m very sorry for this rushed post, as most of you know being a teenage can be very dramatic, and busy… at least I’m keeping up with posting every Tuesday and Thursday right?

One thing I want you all to know about me is that I am the oldest out of two girls. I have an adorable black lab mix named Lexi she is about 10 years old, we got her for a dog rescue when I was about 7. I am a make up addict even though I may not be very good at it, I just do it because I enjoy experimenting, I am looking forward to competing in the NYX face award soon. On of my favorite classes in school is English because I love researching and creative writing. My favotrtie food is grilled cheese, and I LOVE sour patch kids, and popcorn especially at movies.

I will deffinatly share more about myself later in the future, I hope you guys enjoyed, comment some fun things you guys want to see me write about and some fun facts about you.


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