Unicorn Glow Limited Edition Set

Hi guys its Catherine, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting in a while, I have been very busy. This past week I went to beautycon NYC and purchased the Unicorn Glow set from the Wet n’ Wild booth. The set came with three highlighters, three glitter pigments, two holograpich lipsticks, and a unicorn highlighter brush.

The two lipstick are very pretty when applied as swatches, when I applied them to my lips it showed up very patchy. Although this my not be the best product to use byitself it would be a great product to mix with other lipsticks. The glitter pigments, were very pigmented and easy to apply even though it took awhile to get a good amount out of the container. The highlighter brush is very soft but isn’t big enough to get the whole rainbow highlighter effect so I recommend a bigger brush if you want the full effect. All three of the highlighters are very pigmented and apply beautifully, I don’t find myself using the brown and orange one, but I know I will defantly be using the pink and rainbow one. I purchased this kit for $25 but it retails for $30 online. bye guys I hope this helped, comment what your favorite product from the collection is.

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